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"Mary", the nickname given for this particular fiend by Xaedan Smokestack, is presumed to be the last of all Fiends which had once guarded Infernum.


As with all beings formerly affiliated with Infernum, "Mary" was created in Infernum for the sole purpose of It's survival. The process of creating Fiends such as "Mary" is not completely known, but it does, somehow, involve opening a pathway into a certain parallel plane and extracting a being from there. Though not technically demons, that is the term given to them, due to their usually malicious temperament.

As is mentioned in the short story Consorting With a Fiend, Mary explains how she was one of the few female fiends. As such, extra care was given when she was created.

While "Mary" was still an active guard in Infernum, she was well known her powerful control over fire, and for her utter ruthlessness, to a degree which even other Fiends sometimes shied away from. She is singlehandedly responsible for the deaths of over twenty-one inmates, all killed merely out of spite.

Following the fall of Infernum, she was the only Fiend not to try and fight. She instead hid herself and bided her time, hoping to restore Infernum. Her dreams were, of course, shattered as she emerged after the fall of the prison. Infernum was simply too badly damaged to be fixed.

It did not help either when... (this part will be written once Consorting With a Fiend is fully written)

Relationship with Xaedan Smokestack

(this part will be written once Consorting With a Fiend is fully written)


Claws: Metallic claws that were given to "Mary" when she was first created. One is similar to Caine Tungsten's power claw, which behaves just like a hand, while the other is fixed, and encases her entire forearm.

Control over fire: As with all other Fiends, "Mary" has control over one natural aspect; her's is fire. Her control over it is so complete that she has even once summoned a entity comprised purely out of flame. However, the more she tries to control fire, the more effort it takes. Throwing fireballs, or even having her hands act as flamethrowers are nothing for a Fiend of her caliber, but the aforementioned summoning of a fire elemental is extremely taxing.


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"Mary" is extremely, extremely, extremely mentally unstable. Compared to Valentina Jinx, one could say Valentina could be sane enough to run for President, or something.

"Mary", again, is very mentally fragile. Due to a multitude of events that happened within her life, they eventually began to eat at her, slowly reducing her to not a shaking wreck, but rather someone who would kill at the very slightest provocation.

Medically speaking, and using human terms, "Mary" suffers from severe split personality disorder, a certain degree of paranoia, and slight short term memory loss. She can also be classified as clinically depressed, though she is adept at concealing this. Lastly, "Mary" has an above-average IQ.

The death of her parents, which she indirectly caused (I will not reveal the events of the Madness Series just yet) which is revealed in Imprisonment With a Fiend was perhaps the first in a long line of tragic events. Then, everything just snowballed from there. (There is actually one more event before this, but again, it is part of the Madness Series)

Before the death of her mother an father, she was described as a very quiet, little girl. She had few friends, though nothing seemed off about her at all.

Much of "Mary"'s life involves killing. As such, she has absolutely no qualms about taking a life. However, this is not to imply "Mary" just goes around all crazy, stabbing people left and right. She is extremely cunning, and very devious. One could also describe her as somewhat manipulative, as she does sometimes try to bend a situation to her own benefit.

The only thing that is tethering "Mary" to relative sanity is Xaedan Smokestack. Without him, she would have lost it long, long ago.

In short, "Mary" is a killing machine, driven by pure rage and sorrow, with a fractured personality (most likely along with split personalities), who is is held in check only by a Hero who is trying to get away from her.

What a harsh life. No wonder she'd kill you without even the slightest hesitation.


I am the river, you are the ocean,

I am the inferno, you are the fuse,

I am the arrow, you are the target,

I am the huntress, you are the prey,

I am the end, you are the journey,

I am the moment, you are forever,

I am the darkness, but do not close your eyes,

Because I am the lover, and you are the beloved.

-- "Mary"'s ending poem, Madness:Revelations


Maximum value is 20.

Strength: 16
Agility: 19
Toughness: 14
Mind: 18


  • The name "Mary" was chosen for a couple of reasons. One, it is an ironic reference to the Holy Virgin, which has NOTHING to do with this Mary. Two, it is the most common name in both Canada and the US. So, it would make sense for Xaedan to come up with this name on the spot. Three, the name's common-ness and generic-ness is at direct odds with the powerful Fiend.
  • "Mary"'s theme song: ("Monster" - Meg & Dia)


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