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"Quazix has failed yet again. Vakor, you are up."
―"Waterspore" on Quazix being imprisoned






"Waterspore" is a high ranking general within The Order of The Scorpion.


"Waterspore" was once a Hero. He was famous, and one day he was beaten in a battle. No body liked him anymore, he was left by himself. He grew bitter and angry. He went rogue, he later joined The Order, getting high up in rank. He was known for leading the siege of Be-so-ke.

Hunting down Jessica

"Waterspore" eventually battled a Hero named Jessica Flama. He gained his name for a move he  came up with during that battle. He manipulates the water within beings and causes it to swell up dramatically, and causes death. He and Jessica were tied, so it was a draw. Jessica however hates him for killing her partner with his new move.

He would hunt her down, and face her in Trinax 4's first moon.


He is calm, collected and most of the time, emotionless. Except when Jessica Flama is involved, then turning wrathful and angry.

Abilities and Weaponry

He is a swift warrior. Basically he is just a fast warrior with average strength. his claw can create a energy field. And he used to have robotic wings, but Jessica melted them.


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