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Aaron Sharp
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Aaron Sharp is a rookie hero and a member of the Hero Squad.


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Aaron started out as a regular hero who tested out prototype weapons. Eventually he started his own job and later became a sniper on the Hero Squad. He made his own custom twin metal-shooters which made him popular among others. He has gained much experience from the recent missions, and is a prime scholar in Makuhero City. Sharp was one of the first heroes to join the hero squad along with his friend Devon Striker. Since then, he has served as a field operator for the squad.

Abilities and Traits

Sharp is trained in martial arts and stealth tactics, which gives him an edge in battle. His color scheme consists of silver and gold because of Aaron's love of precious metals. He is also very fast on his feet and is hard to catch in battle.


Sharp carries twin metal-shooters which fire multiple metal-based bullets. Later on he was equipped with jet wings and a pair of shoulder mounted plasma guns.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 16
Agility: 22
Toughness: 18
Mind: 19


  • Aaron Sharp's name was decided on from his sharpshooter abilities and weapons.
  • Sharp doesn't like extreme cold or hot environments.
  • Sharp has been known to quickly change moods for example: joking to unemotional, then to confused.