"Why do these things always have, to make life hard for me?"
―Daniel Shocker voicing his hatred for Ado.





Claws & Pulsar


Alive across the Universe



Ado are insectoid mechanoids, that were created by Gyaraga. They were originally supposed to be a special weapon of his, but that plan was ruined when the Lamda 6 Team attacked his lair.


The Swarm is Born

Gyaraga informed his best minion, Fractalus, that he needed a group of fearless minions if he were to overcome the Hero Team(Lamda 6) that had been defeating him all the time recently. So Fractalus got the idea to create a swarm. Shortly after the Ado swarm was built, Lamda 6 came storming into the U.I.M.S lair, during which Gyaraga sent the swarm after the heroes. One of the heroes fired his magnous-gun at the swarm-leader which, because of the single minded nature of the swarm, caused them to cease they're action and instead exit the Lunar body. With they're cloning via nonbot ability, letting them spread they're number & create more then one hive.

Shocker Dogfight

While transporting materials to HF Daniel Shocker found a small group of the bugs, who were scrambled by a magnetic disturbance, & attacked him.. After a fast-paced dogfight they were defeated.


The Ado migrated to Quatros and various other worlds. (Including Lunar Tratix)


During a probe mission to a Quatros moon (Dalonix), Shocker ran into these again & stirred up they're nest. After calming them down with a little smoke, they stopped bothering him, & he voiced his hatred for them.

Abilities & Traits

Ado are hive-minded & are insect-minded in many ways, since they were based of the mind of Fruit-Flies. They can clone themselves, creating two more versions of them self in the process. If they sense smoke then they automatically slow down. They are armed with natural abilities like orb-launching, & and clawing.