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"I'm not the only flying villain, but I'm the best of them!"






Airhawk is a multi-billionare villain. He became famous for his flying invention. He was formerly a hero until he became a villain.



Airhawk was created at Hero Factory as a 2.0 Hero once the upgrade process had been perfected. His name was Thaddeus Hawk. He was a proud hero. He eventually befriended Mercidex-Ray and the two became partners. The duo was sent on many missions, and succeeded in all of them. Mercidex and Thaddeus both had a dream: to meet Preston Stormer, whom was famous to the duo. They finally met him, and Thaddeus and Mercidex almost fainted when Stormer offered to go on a mission with them. The two accepted. Their mission was to recon an area that had a strange energy reading.

Tragic Mission

Mercidex, Thaddeus and Stormer arrived at the area, only to find Von Nebula waiting. Stormer ordered Thaddeus and Mercidex to retreat, but before the 2 could escape, Von Nebula blasted Mercidex directly in the Hero Core, and kicked Stormer to the ground. Thaddeus yelled in anger, but only until Stormer dragged Mercidex and Thaddeus out of battle.

Nathaniel Zib found out that Mercidex, after many medical tests, could not be saved. Thaddeus, infuriated, blamed Zib and Stormer and went rogue. He escaped Hero Factory and went to the mountains, where he built a fortress, replaced his Hero Core with a Power Core and invented Rocket Boots. He then built his own armor.


He fought many battles during his lifetime, until his final battle.

Thaddeus, now having his name illegally changed to Airhawk, tried to steal an oil tank. Stormer arrived and the two fought for a while, until Stormer finally figured out that Airhawk was originally Thaddeus Hawk, the Hero he worked with. The two fought more, until Stormer had to call Nathan Evo for assistance. They fought and fought, until Airhawk gain the upper edge, stabbing Evo and killing him. Stormer, furious, tried to fight back, but Airhawk managed to cut off Stormer's arm. Stormer, now near death, begged Airhawk to join the Heroes. Airhawk refused, then tried to stab him. Stormer grabbed Evo's gun at the last second and blasted Airhawk in the face. Airhawk pleaded for help, however Stormer refused and blasted him through his Power Core, killing him.

His body was thrown in a scrapyard. Evo was later revived.


  • Airhawk.
  • Airhawk flying.
  • A kneeling Airhawk.
  • Airhawk consulting with Nitroblast.
  • Airhawk taking revenge on Corrodolord.


  • According to the picture of Corrodolord getting attacked by Airhawk and him "consulting" with people may prove that he hires people to do jobs. Rulepoke315 has yet to decide this.