Akiyama is the Creator and Leader of Hero Factory and the Hero Collegium.

Akiyama Makuro (Zaniverse)
Akiyama Makuro







Akiyama Makuro is known to have formed the hero factory after the first galactic breakout 687 years before MTD, in an attempt to save lives of actual policemen. Heralded as a revolutionary idea, he got heavy corporate backing, allowing him to design the first hero protoype ( a machine that could be controlled remotely by law enforcement officers) and send it out into the market in little under 5 months. after that success, he went into seclusion for almost an entire year, only emerging to finally announce that he had done it. He ahd created Artificial intelligence, thus allowing the heroes to operate autonomously.

While many were startled, it wasn't until Harrison Thresher's team short-circuited an entire district of an uplift planet, indirectly killing twenty-seven hundred newborn babies, that people became furious. When the original Core Hunters rose up and began killing heroes, Akiyama removed the neural blocks that kept heroes from killing innocents. As such, the Core Hunters, now calling themselves Hunter CORPS., declared war.


Equipment and Personality

Notably, while Akiyama carries three Items. Also notably, these are all 100% unique, and also three of the most expensive items in the universe. He has an Aegis foreverguard, an invisible forcefield that is nigh impenetrable. He carries an unnamed device which allows him to go in and out of invisibility. Finally, he carries a personal transport device, allowing him to teleport.

Akiyama is a very quiet person, all cunning and intelligence. He has a way with words, and a certain calming look. While enemies take this as a weakness, he could disarm a bomb without five sentences.

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