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Alan Pyrix
Affiliation Villain
Ranged Weaponry None
Guns None
Melee Weaponry Flame Claw Gauntlets
Colour Red, black, orange
Status Alive, active
Location Unknown
Aliases None
Other Equipment None

Alan Pyrix is an altered Hero who now functions as a villain.


This will be detailed in Sidd's new story.

Weapons and Abilities

Alan wears twin Flame Claw Gauntlets that give him several offensive capabilities, including:

  • Surrounding his hands with flames to increase damage inflicted
  • Shooting flames out of his hands
  • Unleashing rocket-powered punches
  • Direct attack from his claws
  • Ability to grab larger things with claws

Alan is also able to fly thanks to rockets fitted to his feet.

Personality and Traits

Alan is quite egotistical, though this mostly manifests in showing off and prideful speech. Despite his ego, he has the ability to accurately judge the danger level of his opponents.

Alan is also resentful to those he dislikes and has a fiery temper.

See Also


  • Alan is the remodel of Firescream from Custom BIONICLE.