Alex Feuer

Hero Factory (Formerly)


Dual Fire Shooter



Alex Feuer was a Hero Rookie of Hero Factory.


Alex Feuer was built in the Assembly Tower. Though he was a Rookie in his team he had great skills.


Feuer and his team went on a mission to save many civilians. When the heroes landed they found the dead civilians. After see the civilians, Feuer turned crazy and killed his teammates. Later, a Hero Team captured Feuer and took him to Hero Factory where he could receive help. Later, Feuer escaped to Makuhero City. While in the City, Feuer saw Tahu and mistook him for a Hero. Feuer shot his blaster gun but it missed and Tahu threw his Fire Sword at Feuer. Accidentally, Feuer's Hero Core exploded, killing him.

Abilities and Traits

Alex Feuer was a good hero with courage and wisdom. After he turned crazy, he thought all of the heroes wanted to kill him so he tried to get away from them.

Weapons and Tools

Alex Feuer use a Dual Fire Shooter during his first missions. After falling into madness and escaping to Makuhero City, he stole a Blaster Gun.


  • Feuer means Fire in German.