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Similarly to most other heroes, Alex was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City.

Alex Hunter was train to be a Heavy Weapons Expert and he was assigned to be train by Riaso Xilond from the Delta 47 Team (Same with Mike Zero). Later Alex ask to join the Delta 47 and he was accepted.

In one of his mission with Riaso and Tiffany, a hero by the name of Soldon Armor have join the mission, then after the mission Soldon asked Riaso to join the team, Alex and the other have talked about Soldon joining the team, both him, Riaso and Nova accepted Soldon but Tiffany did not.

Brain Attack

Him and Riaso went to the Blacksun Station for Riaso to join in the ShadowWolf Project, later when they got there they ment the hero that was working on the Project and ment there old friend Mike Zero. At the time when Riaso was in the middle of project the Brain Attacked the station and Alex when to Fight off the Brains and find Riaso but it was too late the Riaso and the other hero was attack by the brains. Alex try to contact the Hero Factory but it failed in the middle. He do not know if it made it or not but he try to stay alive, later he found the hero that made the Project ShadowWolf.


Silent and smart. Alex maybe a rookie but he is smart on weapons that are stronger then the normal Hero weapons. He is different from the group, he nether like to talk and mostly like being alone and not afraid to go in enemy lines to save someone but he mainly stay in the back using his Sniper Rifle.

Alex is mostly a loner of the Delta 47 group and do not like goofy pranks but do have a small sense of humor. He mostly keeps some of his ideals to himself, also strong at caring about his team.


Picture Form Description
Alex Hunter 1 2.0 form Alex's was first made in the 2.0 with Hero Factory new Armor
Alex Hunter 2 3.0 form Alex's form was fitted with new armor to help him in the jungle.
Alex Hunter3 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Alex was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
SAM 2130 5.0 form In the attack Alex was fitted with new armor to fight in the Brains Attack.


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