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"Hey Von Neb? That thing you said about 'Von Ness no longer exists'?...I think you were wrong."
―Will Furno to Von Nebula
Alex Von Ness
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Alex Von Ness is a Hero made by Patrick Hesser via the Hero Recon Team Hero Creator.


Von Ness led his normal life until shortly before a mission to New Stellac City.

Due to a malfunction in a time machine made by Zib, Von Ness came to the present. With the help of Alpha Team, he defeated the Alliance, was upgraded, and his Hero Core supercharged. Thus, making him a fully fledged Hero.


Von Ness is a bit of a joker, but courageous. Since his fight with the Alliance, he is softer on minor crimes than most other Heroes


Von Ness has enhanced speed and memory, giving him the ability to perform maneuvers that only team leaders in the early days of the Factory could perform.


Von Ness is armed with plasma launchers, an extendable energized nightstick, and spiked armor. He has a telescoping eyepiece and jet boots.

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