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Alexander Missileking
Alexander Missileking 2.0

Hero Factory


Missile Gun (formerly), Energy Gun




Hero Factory

Alexander Missileking is a Hero from the disbanded Beta Squad 5 Team, now working as a Rookie Trainer in Hero Factory.


Early life

Alexander was part of an elite team with Ethan Powerbreaker. The team disbanded when one of their missions failed.

Later on, Alexander formed and lead Beta Squad 5. The team achieved well, with all members getting medals and names being recorded for their duties. When the team disbanded, Alexander returned to Hero Factory and worked as a Rookie Trainer.

Personality and traits

Alexander is very proud and confident, holding his head up high. He is noble and courageous, achieving a number of medals in his time with Beta Squad 5. Alexander was known to be fiery and outgoing, making a perfect Hero and role model.

Since retiring and returning to Hero Factory as a Rookie Trainer, Alexander has become more relaxed and enjoys sharing his experiences and telling stories.

Weapons and tools

Alexander carries a Missile Gun, able to fire two missiles consecutively with a large amount of destructive force. Each missile has the ability to level the entire Hero Factory.

After becoming a Rookie Trainer, Alexander gave up his Missile Launcher for a weak Energy Gun. He uses the Energy Gun when training Rookies for combat.