Alexis Machine, sometimes simply called Machine, is a member of the Hero Factory, and the current Head of the Department of Research and Development.


Alexis was created by Daniel Machine, the first Head of the DRD, and became his pseudo-daughter. After his death, she took over the DRD and has since become a successful and respected scientist. She has appeared at several ceremonies revealing the latest creation of the DRD, and has been interviewed several times by Mak Megahertz and Daniella Capricorn.

Recently, she finished work on a new Hero named Andrew Trigger. This new Hero went berserk and attacked her, and she joined Preston Stormer and William Furno on a mission to stop the berserk Hero. It was revealed that his Core had been tampered with by a member of her Research Team, Sebastian Gauge, who in turn had been brainwashed by the villain Meltdown.

She is currently working on a new weapon that can disable villains by temporarily scrambling their processors.

Weapon of Choice

Machine uses a unique set of weapons. With special generators attached to the back of her arms, she produces his density energy around her arms, back and shoulders, which can then be used in combat to deal devastating blows with her bare hands. She calls this attack her Flash Cry.