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Allison Nila
Nila Profile
Affiliation Hero Factory
Colour Purple, silver, black
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Aliases None

Allison Nila is the only female of the Geilu Elites. Just because she is female doesn't mean that she is the weak one on the team, and Nila packs quite a punch.


Early Life

Nila was first created during a war between planet Geilu and planet Goresk. This war had many Heroes off of the field and Nila was one of them. She didn't get her first mission until she was upgraded to a 2.0, and this mission was to stop a voodoo magic force on planet Geilu. On this mission she was aaccompanied by Mark Zylaz and Jake Cooper.

When she was upgraded to a 3.0, her and an old friend Ellie Gardox were sent to research a mysterious quaza source coming from an unknown jungle planet in another galaxy. From this mission she was sent to planet Zenara to research another source of voodoo magic with Zylaz, where they first met Evan Rouge. Her and Rouge have been friends ever since.


For the breakout Rouge had just joined the Geilu Elites and he was sent to planet Gorest to stop Bonez. Nila was told buy Zylaz to go with him on this mission to help him. She went after Bonezes minnions Trechnox and Vaxalus.

Vaxalus almost killed Nila on this mission, While she was exploring a cave looking for Vaxalus
Nila Breakout Profile

Nila in her Breakout form.

he sneeked up behind her and almost drained her core of its quaza power for his own use. Her power levels were exteremely low and she was sent back to planet Geilu to have her core recharged. When she returned back to Planet Goresk she was twice as powerfrul and wanted revenge after what happened to her. A fierce battle took place between her and Vaxalus and she came out successful when she fed him to a zenara beast who was loose on the planet. He still wasnt dead though, He was repared by Trechnox and when Rouge and Nila returned to Planet Geilu after thinking they had completed their mission Vaxalus had already come up with plans to destroy her.

Brain Attack

On return to Planet Geilu from stopping Bonez, Nila and the rest of the Geilu Elites were attacked by an arachnix drone which took over their brains. To remove the brain drones the Geilu Elites must find the Dark ones to get the codes which are needed to remove the drone.


Picture Form Description
2.0 This was Nila after the upgrade in her 2.0 form.
3.0 This was Nilas 3.0 fom to help her on Planet Zenara when fighting quaza-controlled beasts.
Breakout This was Nila in her breakout form.
Brain Attack This is Nila in her brain Attack form.