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Alpha-XL Team
Axl 1
Affiliation Hero Factory
Classification XL Team, on-call, emergency team, combat team, anti-seige team
Status Functional
Location Makuhero City

The Alpha-XL Team is the only team of its kind in its existance. The team consists of eight XL Heroes, and one Cyber Hero.

Team Schematics

The Heroes:

There is an even mix of long-range, hybrids, and close range heroes. All heroes, however, carry a long-range auxilary weapons on their shoulders, usually a missile launcher of some sort.

Long range heroes have a wide variety of guns, bows, grenades, etc. at their disposal. The Alpha-XL Team receives only the best equipment available. Thery are effective all types of battles, except for large hordes of minions or gang members.

Hybrid-range heroes carry a mixture of weapons. Often, there is a high-ammo mid-range weapon, with a powerful melee weapons added to their arsenals. Therefore, they are most effective at large battles.

Melee range heroes combine speed, defense, and sheer power. They are very effective at large battles, huge villains, and vehicles.

Then there is the Cyber Huntress.

No other hero has been upgraded to such an extent, and no other hero has ever carried that much experimental equipment out of the Assembly Tower. Cyber-Breez has the armor of a melee-based hero, the ranged weapons of a marksman, and yet has the agility to boot of a hybrid-range hero. She is effective against most kinds of enemies.

The Weaponry

Although it seems as if they weapons assigned to the heroes are randomly selected, they are not. Each weapon was given to the hero, so he would use them to their full potential. Heroes in the Alpha-XL team usually worked with a small group of two other XL heroes, forming a balanced trio.


Long-range heroes would stay at the back, while a melee hero covers him/her. A perfect example is Mark Surge XL using his Ironhide shield to protect himself and Rocka XL, while Rocka primes his AK-180 chaingun.

Hybrid heroes usually attack from the side, guns flaring, and when in range, use thier melee weapon. For example, when Stormer XL was covering Bulk XL from Silverjaw's flamedisk launcher, Furno XL flanks Silverjaw with his flare lance.

Another strategy often utilized by the team is the following: A melee hero at the front, the hybrid-range behind him, and the long-range farther back.

The melee hero attacks first, a quick brutal blow, the falls back. The hybrid follows up, then retreats. The melee hero charges again, then retreats. The process repeats, with the long-range hero taking out any other enemies.

A final strategy requires the Cyber Hero.

A melee hero stands, weapons sheathed.

Enemies come charging, and Cyber-Breez flies over them, flanks them from the rear.

A hybrid-range hero then flanks the enemies from the right or left.

The melee hero attacks from the front.

This plan is used in Infernum, where ammo is short, and melee weapons are often used.

Situations used:

The Alpha-XL Team is extremly versatile, and can be assigned to:

  • Search-and-rescue
  • Search-and-destroy
  • Seige
  • Anti-seige
  • Wide-scale battles/ongoing wars
  • Assasination, however, not all heroes on the team can be assign this kind of mission.
  • Reconnaisance, only Cyber-Breez, Stormer XL, and Furno XL have the ability/equipment to do this.
  • Retrieval
  • Prison duty
  • Intergalatic defense


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