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Alpha Team
Headquarters Hero Factory
Leader Preston Stormer
Goal Capture Villians
Status Active
Allies Delta Team, Hero S.W.A.T. Team
Enemies All Villians


Alpha Team is the best non-elite Hero Team in exsistance.

Early Years

Alpha Team origanally had 3 members- Stormer, Stringer, and Bulk. The Team made many captures, and recieved many comandations.

Rookie Team

After a while, Akiyama Makuro decided the Team needed new members. So, three heroes were added to the team- Furno, Freeze, and Surge. The rookies tried hard to get Stormer's respect, but to no avail.

Eventually, the Team was called to Mekron City to capture Vapour. During the fight, Freeze was wounded. Vapour ran off, and Surge followed.

The Team returned to Hero Factory, without Surge. Furno went off to find him and Vapour, but when he returned, all he had was Vapour.

After the Mission, Freeze was removed from the Team for medical reasons.

Later Missions

Later, Nex, Evo, and Rocka joined the Team. Missions began to get less frequent. Then, Rocka was recruited into Hero Recon Team, and Furno was called to another Team.

So the Team was now down to 5 members. It continued to function, but not as well as it did before.


Currently, the Team is stationed at Hero Factory.


  • Preston Stormer (Leader)
  • Dunkan Bulk
  • Jimi Stringer
  • Robert Freeze (Formerly)
  • William Furno (Formerly)
  • Mark Surge (Formerly)
  • Julius Nex
  • Nathan Evo
  • Daniel Rocka (Formerly)