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Andrew Styker
Affiliation Hero Factory, Beta Team
Weapons Plasma Canon
Status Deceased
Location Deceased

Andrew Styker was the leader of Beta Team before Max Flare. He was a highly respected Hero before his death.


Final Mission

Styker led his team to --Mission Log Incomplete-- in response to a burglery call. The team arrived to find Bombshock leavng the crime scene with a bag of money slung over his shoulder. The Heroes snapped into action, surronding the villain.

Bombshock began to shoot at the heroes, killing the team's second-in-command. That caused the team to break formation, and the battle became chaotic. Eventually one of Bombshock's blasts hit Styer, killing him. Bombshock then escaped.


Styker carried a Plasma Canon, which was very reliable. Styker once said that "The day my gun fails me will be the day the universe ends".


Styker was always calm and collected, and he never shyed away from danger. He was repected by all, but he had few friends, made up of his team and a few others.



  • Styker's name was made what it is because DeltaStriker wanted to have a unique name for this Hero

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