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Anna Thorne
Anna Thorne 2.0

Delta 4


Multi-Tool Energy Shield




Makuhero City

Anna Thorne was a young Hero in the Delta 4 Hero team.



Like all other Heroes, Anna Thorne came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City, shortly before the creation of Jay Ratchet. Following her activation she was integrated into an unknown hero team, where she would receive training from one of the Elite members of the group.

Little is known about Thorne's actions following this point but it is known that she witnessed the death of a close female teammate in her original team, which greatly altered the rookie's perspective of being a hero.

Some time after this, when her team began to fracture apart, she requested to be transferred to the Delta 4 team to avoid the conflict.

Delta 4

Upon joining the Delta 4 team, Thorne developed a friendship with her fellow rookie Patrick Gust and was sympathetic towards him when he was criticized by the team's mission manager, Patrick Zire.

Echo Burning

Several years into a possible future, however, Thorne became an Elite hero and became close friends with Jenny Sharp, the new leader of the Delta 4 team following the death of Scott Trooper.

Around 27 years after the present storyline, Thorne accompanied the recently restructured Delta 4 team to Danaria 7, where they were charged with protecting the planet's President, Caliga.

However, during a Blorphog Day celebratory appearance at a homeless shelter, an assassin attempted to take Caliga's life. Fortunately, Sharp was able to push her out of the way, though the bullet caught a weak spot in her armor and splintered her Hero Core, as well as causing her hydraulic fluid reserves to puncture. Sharp passed away shortly afterwards in the arms of Sam Clank. Thorne stood as a witness to this and prevented a local news cameraman from filming the death, affording her teammate some degree of dignity.

Abilities and Traits

In Thorne's earlier days as a rookie, she witnessed the death of a female teammate, an event that had a tremendous impact on her life and personality, arguably shaping her into the hero she became. She became very emotionally driven, involving herself completely in the heartache and needs of those around her. Thorne largely prevented her old team from falling apart and took on many responsibilities to the point where she filled the void left by her fellow teammate's passing.


Following the Upgrade, Thorne came to wield a Multi-Tool Ice Shield as her primary weapon, which doubled up as a pincer for handling small mechanical components. Additionally, her weapon was fitted with proximity scanners and projectile capabilities.

Picture Form Description
Anna Thorne 2.0 Thorne 2.0 Thorne's first known form, which was used following the Upgrade.
BTD Thorne 3.0 Thorne 3.0 Thorne equipped with the 3.0 jungle armor.