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Anthony Vision



Energized Crossbow, low-powered Plasma Blaster




Wiki Metru

Anthony "Ultimate" Vision is a Hero created at the Hero Factory, currently assigned to patrol a sector in the galaxy known as Wiki Metru, with Gary Walker and the rest of his Team.


Anthony was a member of Hero Factory's Recon Team for many years. He was one of 30 Heroes (along with fellow teammate Gary Walker) to initially be recruited for the Patrol Team Program revival project.

After being recruited, he, Gary, and four others were assigned to the 19th Patrol Team, a team that patrols the sector of space known as Wiki Metru. Wiki Metru is an empire not unfriendly towards the Hero Factory, but is too far away from the Hero Factory for Heroes to arrive in a hurry.

The 19th Patrol Team has grown from 6 members, to at least 9. Only Anthony and Gary are known to have been part of the team from the beginning.

Personality and Traits

Anthony is a proud and confident Hero. While not unfriendly, he would sooner give criticism than encouragement to his fellow teammates, much to the frustration of rookies.


Anthony Vision wields an Energy Crossbow, capable of firing two bolts at once, and a low-powered Plasma Blaster. His head gear is designed for maximum accuracy with minimal time spent aiming.