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Aphrodite Sunder is the powerhouse tank in Lambda 16.

Aphrodite Sunder








Abilities, Equipment, and Personality

Aphrodite has no extra abilities.

Armed with two War Axes and a greatshield, she maintains the strongest melee abilities between Lambda 16 and 17. Her armor, while not as strong as any members of lambda 17, is still  very durable. She will sometimes arm herself with Heavy Weapons.

Being the only member of her team not part of F.R.E.D.S., and consequently the only one without any special abilities of her own, she feels much resentment top her teammates. While stile amiable, she dislikes being part of any sparring or training matches. When she does go into combat, she lets out all her rage over the deaths of her teammamtes and her low position in her teams on her opponents. In cold blind rage of battle, she may hear strategies, may take them to heart, but she won't speak, and simply hack and cut her way till the end.


Strength: 10
Agility: 6
Toughness: 9
Mind: 7