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An Archprime Identity is a special type of hero.


A few years before the Creation of Furno and the Alpha 'Rookies' a quaza mining team discovered a large chunk of quaza. No matter the power used to mine the chunk it stayed together, shedding no quaza whatsoever. A large hero body was created to house the quaza, however an incident occurred during the quaza insertion...

There was a massive core charge, even more powerful than Furno's famed charge.The following pulse acted as both an EMP (Disabling almost every system in the Hero Factory) and strong energy that broke the Shell into 11 small pieces. The pulse even managed to break up the quaza chunk and place 1 shard into each piece. Then the weirdest thing happened...

All 11 shell pieces reformed themselves into 11 small hero shells, creating 11 heroes. They were all just over half the size of a regular hero. These were known as the 'Original 11'

The New Identities

Approximately 1 month before Furno's creation the original 11 disappeared. However another special quaza chunk was discovered. This chunk was as small as the regular quaza crystal,But was covered in an impenetrable layer of ice. This chunk was implemented into the Experimental-14 hero, Tom Coolbreeze, Thus making him the 12th Archprime identity.

The 13th Archprime identity was William Furno himself. He is only classed as an Archprime Identity due to his special core charge.

The 14th and most recent Archprime Identity is Eve Arcaneprima. She is a magical hero and Archprime identity due to her tainted quaza crystal.

Powers and Traits

  • Telepathic Link: The original 11 had a special mental link with each other due to using the same quaza crystal.
  • Summoning: Whether an Archprime Identity is recent or original, they can summon each other due to their special cores.