Primary Form

Hero factory:Deltrax7 team


Sniper gattling gun arm mounted machine pistol





"If you dont like the way your face looks then punch me"
―Arron to Tyrant


Arron Armourhide is the first hero to be Reserected.He was killed in the swarm, but when deltrax 7 needed some more fire power, he was revived and given a XL form. He is the Hero that managed to take down Tyrant.

"This looks important!"
―Arron ripping out Tyrant vision senses

Intergrations of the rookies

Around the time Arron re-joined the Deltrax7 team 3 new rookies joined the team, Katie Blade, Neo Sniper, and Tye MercuryHunter. Kyle Topkick , Deltrax7s new leader, and the rest of the team enjoyed pairing up with heros to teach them mission skills and tricks. The mission directer patricer bolts hated the rookies because of there eargerness to impress th other heros.

Arron XL

Arron aromorhide has an XL form for when he goes on missions. Check it out here.


In his primary form,Armourhide arms himself with a energy pistol, which is actually more powerful than it seems. In XL form, he sports a sniper gattling gun which has chambers that silence the bulluet that leaves the gun.

Abilites and Traits

Arron is the weapons specialist of the group, and he he works with Johnny Pyro to develop weapons for the group.He is a calm and collective hero that always helps improve plans to succed in missions.