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Assassin Robot
Goal Killing
Status Active

Assassin Robots are cybernetic warriors used for the purpose of killing on behalf of crime lords, corrupt politicians, and bounty hunters.


When someone (usually crime lords, and corrupt politicians) required an individual to be eliminated, they sometimes hired an Assassin Robot to execute their will. These robots generally perform with unflinching loyalty to their employers, but rogue assasin robots are not unknown.

Since their missions generally require a far higher degree of independent skill, savvy, and judgment, their programming is of correspondingly higher sophistication and quality. However, with extensive modifications, almost any robot could become a competent assasin.

Equipped with an array of weapons, Assassin Robots can also also be used as elite infantry when the need arises for skillful and quickly adaptable soldiers, as with Maria Dinamis' Project Judgement, which resulted in the Judgement Units.


The creation of Assassin Robots was developed by a number of civilizations in the galaxy.

One of the more infamous species to possess a great deal of knowledge on assasin robots creation were the inhabitants of Tama 9, who were renowned for their skill in the field.

Assassin Robots were almost always mistrusted and feared by locals around the galaxy. This was because their line of work was often very dangerous, and frightening. Many famous assassins earned reputations as fearsome as the most horrific criminals.

Assassin Robots are not universally shunned, however; those who follow government regulations and target dangerous criminals are often seen as on the side of law enforcement. However, with the creation of the Hero Factory, most Assasin Robots fell into disuse and embarked on bounty hunting careers.

Known Examples

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