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Atlas Ironside
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Atlas Ironside was assigned to the Tau-4 as a rookie during the Brain Attack.


Before the Brain Attack

Atlas Ironside was, along with the vast majority of Heroes, created in the Assembly Tower. He was booted out of the Assembly Tower seconds after Kaixin Utopia took her first, awkward steps out into the glaring daylight.

Atlas, at first, had great difficulty maneuvering around. Though he had some of the best mentors (Caine Tungsten, Dustin Cyclops, Vyander Clockwork) Hero Factory had to offer, none of them could really relate to a Hero that was a a good head-and-a-half taller than them. Atlas was to learn how to survive on his own.

He probably would have had his face chewed off by a roving Brain if it weren't for Furno XL. Caine and Preston Stormer quickly struck a deal. Atlas and Furno XL were to form a temporary team of two, so that Atlas could learn the art of Brain-squishing.

Atlas came back jacked. He now throws around boulders like nobody's business, and absolutely wrecks any Brain-controlled beast in his path with his incredible strength.

And what does Furno XL has to say for himself?

"I just pointed at a pile of rubble and asked if he could lift some."

After the Brain Attack

Atlas had gone on to become a well-respected person. He is the hero of many a battle, especially when sieges are involved.

Deep down, however, he never forgets that he owes everything to his teammates, and always takes great pride in being able to watch over them.

Only time will tell if compassion and kindness will get Atlas far in the most brutal, horrific, and inhumane event ever to comes across this universe.

Atlas' story, as well as the rest of the Tau-4's, is continued in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

  • Boulders: Um.... Not much to say here.
  • Twin power fists: Atlas, unlike Kaixin, uses these not to be able to lift his boulders, but to whip them around with frightening speed. Atlas is very much capable of tossing a couple of large rocks around with his bare hands. But doing it over, and over? That's where the power fists come in. He also uses these during close combat, as if he were in a boxing match.
  • Apex-pattern jetpack: This flying apparatus was based off of an ancient blueprint found by archeologists. The blueprint was of a long-forgotten war machine that Hero Factory was able to make a little sense of. From these blueprints came Atlas' jetpack, dubbed "Apex", after the war machine in the plans. This jetpack was designed to lift extremely heavy users, but also retain full control of hovering and maneuverability.
  • The Exobyte Log: Reflects his brotherly, caring attitude. Able to grant Future Mission Logs to others. Other than this, the Exobyte has no other function. Each of the created Logs are able to receive small glimpses of the future, but are weak when individually considered. Together, however, all the created Logs are very powerful. Therefore, Atlas can receive huge amounts of information, and then marshal his assistants accordingly. The more Logs he creates, the more the power is diluted. So, he must limit the number of other Logs he makes. More info can be found here.


Atlas is like a big brother to the rest of his team, both in size and character. Though he is just a rookie, it is very clear that he has a fierce protectiveness over the entire team, especially over Kaixin. The two were basically made at the same time, and as such consider each other to be brother and sister. In any case, Kaixin's respect for Atlas blossomed when he proved that he could shoot her Beacon with a single hand.

While fighting, Atlas detests any unnescessary violence. He always prefers scared over dead, which is often very easy for him, because of his size. Speaking of his size, Atlas is sometimes mistaken for an XL Hero, and even occasionally as a Cyber Hero. 

While training, he is partially sucked into the easygoing, confident feeling that takes hold much of the team. Despite that, he is very modest, as he knows his size is what ranks him near the top during the Tau-4 Monthly Tournaments.

The main problem with Atlas is his overprotectiveness. Yes, he keeps an eye out for everyone, but he sometimes does need to rein it in a little. That is not to say he's not qualified to watch over the other team members. It is just that each Tau-4 individual is more than capable of looking after him or herself.

Tournament Standings

Atlas often places fifth or fourth in the Tau-4 Monthly Tournaments.

  • Ironside's size and endurance are his greatest advantages.
  • Atlas' twin power fists also make for fearsome melee weapons, allowing him to settle into a boxer's stance.
  • However, his size can also be his undoing. He is very proficient at close quarters, but equally skilled Tau-4 members, like Kaylenna, Valentina, or Dustin, tend to dance circles around him.


Atlas' stats at Brain Attack. Maximum value is 12. (Some of Atlas' stats are off the charts due to his over-average size.)

Strength: 13
Agility: 7
Toughness: 13
Mind: 9


  • Atlas is often mistaken for a Cyber Hero, though he meet none of the requirements, except for being able to fly.
  • Atlas was one of the first Heroes developed for the Tau-4 team, though he ended up being put off as the 5th hero built.
  • This MOC won the 2013 Halloween Contest.