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Bonecrusher 01
Natural tools Claws, Tails, Teeth
Status Critically Endangered
Location Auros
"Aurosians, so predictably treacherous."
Scratch, Allies of the Night

Aurosian was the name given to a crab-like species of humanoids that once inhabited the planet Auros.

Species History


Similarly to all organic races in existence, the Aurosians evolved from single cell organisms into crabs many centuries ago.
However, the Aurosians then evolved further to the extent where they became vaguely humanoid. Yet, despite their gradual change in anatomy, the Aurosians kept their crab-like claws. The males were known to have had pincers in place of a right hand whilst the females were known to have had pincers in place of a left hand. This was a notable way of distinguishing the two genders.
Additionally, Auros was a planet that relied on the Hero Factory as its law enforcement, encouraging the vast majority of Aurosians to have a great deal of respect for the organization.

Fem Aurosian

A generic female Aurosian.

Destruction of Auros

"The disease went airborne within three minutes of evolving. It killed everyone on the entire planet forty seconds later. No survivors."
Scratch discussing the disease that killed the Aurosians with Bonecrusher

However, thirteen years ago, a deadly disease began to evolve from bacteria existing in the local flora. As a result, the planet was put under galactic quarantine in order to contain the disease once it began to spread.
Consequently, a male Aurosian named Bonecrusher was prevented from returning to the planet after performing an assassination. Fearful for the lives of his wife and family members, the bounty hunter begged the Hero Factory to deal with the situation. However, he was ignored and was forced to witness the destruction of his species.
This cataclysm left Bonecrusher as the single surviving member of the Aurosian species as the population had died out by the time the quarantine was lifted.

Known Individuals

  • Bonecrusher
  • Bonecrusher's wife - Deceased
  • Bonecrusher's parents - Both Deceased
  • Eleven Aurosian crew members of the Orcus-bound Guinevere One space shuttle - Statuses unknown, some rumored to be alive
Bonecrusher 05

Bonecrusher, the last surviving Aurosian.

Anatomy and Traits

Due to the cold climate of the planet Auros, Aurosians adapted themselves to have thick, crab-like carapaces, which provided them with both well-protected layers of natural armor and with insulation against the planet's extremely cold temperatures. Additionally, all Aurosians had a pair of horns and sharp layers of needle-like teeth.
However, as the species had thick, well insulated armor, they were given a great deal of vulnerability to heat.
All male Aurosians were equipped with a pincer-claw in place of their right hands whilst females had a similar feature on their left hands. In addition to this, all Aurosians had scorpion-like stinger tails.
Additionally, all members of the Aurosian species had four eyes.
The average lifespan of an Aurosian is approximately 107 years of age.