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Twin crystal scythes




Cyro Fields



Avalanche is a villain. He is currently in the Cryo Fields. He has power over the element of Ice. He accidentally obtained this power due to prolonged exposure to the highly dangerous particles called Cryotons. The Cryotons fused with his DNA, giving him powers over ice. He was once a Hero Factory scientist whose job was to study new ways of improving armor and weapons. During an experiment, he accidentally fused with the Cryotons and went mad with power. He then broke out of the factory and fled to Cryo Fields, where he can still be found today.

Armor & Weapons

Avalanche is entirely coated with white carbon-steel armor that is heat, cold, water, wind, and shock proof. He wields a set of twin crystal scythes that can pierce almost anything. He also breathes frost, which can freeze almost anything in place. He wears a Mask Of Ice, which enhances his powers. His feet are wide and thin, so his weight is dispersed evenly and he leaves no footprint. This makes him very dangerous, as it is difficult to trace his movements and his armor blends in with the environment.


Strength: 7
Agility: 10
Toughness: 9
Mind: 7


  • An image for Avalanche will be released soon.

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