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"Jetpacks might be nice and all, but nothing beats an ol' fashioned dogfight."
―Avis Sky
Avis Sky is the ace pilot of the Hero Team Moenus.
Avis Sky
Sky 1

Hero Factory


Small-to-medium ranged weapons, Data Dagger


HUD, various flight equipment







Abilities and Traits


Sky was designed for aerial combat, both in and out of the pilot's seat. With this in mind, her AI has software capable of making the calculations needed in nano-seconds during flight. Her frame can withstand great speeds, but not so much against major blunt force. As such, she generally replies on hit-and-run tactics when face-to-face with her enemies.

Powers and Equipment

Sky 2 back

One of the many types of flight equipment Sky utilizes.

Throughout her career, there have been a number of constants in retards to her arsenal. Outside of dog-fighting, she typically uses some manner of flight equipment and a small-to-medium ranged weapon.

In the few instances where she requires a melee weapon, it'd typically be in the form of a hard-light data dagger. The tool is primary used for hacking into enemy devices, but it has some limited combat compatibility.


Picture Form Description
Noimage Original form The chassis Sky was initially built from.
Sky 2 2.0 Upgrade Her standard form following The Upgrade.
Noimage BREAKOUT Sky's form after being retrofitted to combat an unknown Villain.
Noimage Brain Attack A form she took on during the Brains' assault on Makuhero City.


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  • The name "Avis" is associated with the Latin word of the same name for "Bird". This alludes to her skills in aerial combat and her hobby in general.