Ranged Weaponry laser gun
Melee Weaponry sword
Guns none
General Information
Affiliation hero recon team (krazar77) , vectron ,krazar
Color(s) white and green
Current Status alive
Location planet hydro
Misc. Information
Alias(es) azeri
Other Equipment grappling hook
"boys are sooo predectible"
―to krazar and his group



Azeri was created in the assembly tower like all heroes. Azeri was built in the 2.0 line but there was something different about her. Azeri started her training with Zorcros the best of the best in swords man ship. He trained her in the way of the sword and after about 2 days of training she was finally ready to get her first ever sword. The sword was custom made by Zorcros himself. The sword was called oroboros also known as the snake sword. She immediately loved the weapon and went out on her first 5 missions. Azeri caught many villains like Hell Fire, Micro Blast, Insnectexx, Rust Blade, and Death Grip. Azeri then met up with the hero recon team leader Aztros. After the talk with Aztros, Azeri got her first ever H.R.T. mission. Azeri was accompanied by 2 heroes named Charge and Necross. after about 2 hours of flight  theu landed on planet hydro. before they could reach the amesphre they got shot down plumitting to were the shooter was. azeri survived the crash along with her team until they found there villlean vectron . vectron killed charge with no problems he then killed necross with his blast canon . soon after vectron killed necross azeri surnderd and pleded for her life. vectron decided to keep her not knowing her skill set she became his personal assasin .

Weaponry Detail

Azeri wields the blade of oroboros and a targeting laser gun that targets it's, well, target and fires a shot that never misses.


Azeri is like a tomboy, always doing guy things, but she can be girlish sometimes.


Strength: 12
Agility: 15
Toughness: 13
Mind: 14


  • lets go kick some legion of fire butt.
  • Boys ,they always think they're better at everything.


  • azeri is a self moc of one of krazar77's friend's.

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