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Makuhero City

Benjamin Darkslash (also known as Darkslash) is a veteran Hero created by the Hero Factory.


Benjamin Darkslash was created almost seventeen years ago, in the Hero Factory headquarters of Makuhero City. He was deployed on many missions with Rho 17, led by Matthew Flash, and was even offered to be an official member of the team, but he did not accept, as he prefered to do missions alone. At one point he became a member of a special covert ops squad, managing to aquire great secrets and weaknesses of the Factory's enemies, such as Von Nebula and Fire Lord.

Eventualy, he became a member of the squad Delta 1, along with Jared Pulse and Oliver Flash, and all three became highly respected members of the Hero Factory. During a heated battle between The team and Von Nebula's followers, Flash was captured, and corrupted to Nebula's side. Not knowing this however, Pulse and Darkslash searched for Flash for more than a year, but when they found him, they were too late, and were almost killed by Flash, or how he was from then on known, "Bloodshed". aproximately three years ago, the team recieved a new recruit: Matthew Chillblaze.

Even more recently, a new rookie was recruited, who was named Allen Neon. Immediately his smart-elic and wisecracking attitude got on the entire team's nerves, but seeing Neon's potential, they kept him. Darkslash is currently at the Hero Factory headquarters in Makuhero City.

Abilities and Traits

Darkslash is known to be overconfident, oftentimes going into situations without thinking things through. In spite of this, Darkslash is couragous, and would gladly lay down his life for the sake of the innocent. For some reason, he blames himself for what hapened to Oliver Flash, and is determened to bring him back to the side of the Factory. Also, during his time on Delta 1, he has become best friends with Pulse.


Darkslash carries an Energized Blade, which can generate fire, lightning, and ice.


Strength: 16
Agility: 14
Toughness: 15
Mind: 13


  • Darkslash was created by Jareroden97.
  • He is meant to represent Jareroden97's cousin, Serrakaan1407.