Benji Sonix
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"Och, lad. If this galaxy ever runs oot o' villians and scoundrels for us Heroes tae fight, Ah'll eat mah hat."
"You don't wear a hat."
―Sonix and Eddie Redflash.

Benji Sonix is a Hero of the Hero Factory who served as both a Recon Commando and later a Team Leader. He specialized in martial arts and melee fighting, and was known for his Scots-like accent.



Like most other Heroes, Benji Sonix was built in the Hero Assembly Tower in Makuhero City; soon after the Ordeal of Fire. Due to a major demand for the new Upgrade Heroes, he was placed in immediate duty. Because of this, his training was mostly carried out through field experience and Training Sphere missions.
A few months into his training

To Be Written

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