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Biomechanical Dinosaurs
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Biomechanical Dinosaurs are both massive and small creatures in the Hero Factory Universe. They are highly common on Quatros.


Biomechanical Dinosaurs have been on Quatros since the planet's very creation. The creatures were made in both carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous forms and ranged from many different sizes.

One of the largest carnivorous Biomechanical Dinosaurs is the Bioraptor, which is most likely near the top of the food chain on the planet. As of now, there are no known threats to the Bioraptor. Biomechanical Dinosaurus have been known to attack heroes, and usually the carnivorous ones prey them if they are on Quatros at any point in time.


Biomechanical Dinosuars can be equiped with teeth, claws, armor, tails, spikes and blades, depending on the type.

Known Locations

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