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Blaze Scorch
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Hero Factory: Delta 19


Plasma Gun, Multi-Tool Ice Shield (Formerly), Multi-Functional Claw (Formerly)




Makuhero City

Blaze Scorch is a Hero in the service of Hero Factory.


Scorch was made in the Assembly Tower the same year Kirk Thresher was, Scorch had a pure hero core. He trained for 2 years in the Training Sphere with Thresher. At one point, when a ship full of wild Raw-Jaws were attacking New Stellac City, both rookies were dispatched. Scorch took out the ship by hijacking the controls while Thresher took on the Raw-Jaws.

Rookie Mission

5 years after Scorch and Thresher destroyed the ship in New Stellac City, Scorch was surprised to see that a young Rookie by the name of Preston Stormer had brought a severely injured Thresher back to Hero Factory. Stormer then explained that he, Thresher, and Rookie Hero Von Ness were sent to New Stellac City to stop a burglary in progress but were instead confronted by giant drone.

Stormer said Thresher made a run at the Drone but got hit by a powerful blast. He then asked Von Ness to cover him, but the cowardly Rookie fled in the Dropship. Stormer hung from the Drop Ship but was shaken off by Von Ness. He then flew onto the circuits of the robot and disabled it, saving New Stellac City and Thresher. A few days after that, Scorch assigned Stormer to the Delta 19 Team and went to a distant swamp planet for a training mission.

Modern Day Makuhero

After the success of the rookie mission on the swamp planet, Stormer was still assigned to the Delta 19 Team. In the 5 years since the mission, Stormer's mission success ratio had skyrocketed. Stormer was then promoted to a full-fledged Hero.

While in Hero Factory, Akiyama Makuro asked Scorch to come to his office.Scorch saw another Hero who was wearing different armour and said his name was Merrik Fortis asked Scorch if he would like to join the top-secret Hero Recon Team. Scorch, willing to take the challenges of spying on the galaxy's most dangerous villains, accepted.

Scorch left Makuro's office and talked to Stormer. Stormer said he was going to become Hero Factory's best Hero, though he was feeling bad about replacing Thresher.

5 weeks later the word got out that a newly manufactured Hero had the purest core, more pure than Scorch's. Scorch went to see the Rookie, named William Furno. Furno was attached to the Delta 19 Team's Rookie Division. A few hours later, Scorch was surprised to see that Stormer had recruited Furno into the Alpha 1 Rookie Division. Scorch and Stormer then recruited Rookies Natalie Breez and Mark Surge onto the Alpha 1 Team's Rookie Division.

Battle Against Preston Stormer

After Alpha 1 secured Chief Drax in Mekron City, Stormer went on a rampage in Makuhero City and Furno was sent to stop him. Scorch was sent to oversee Furno's abilities and was assigned to analyze Furno and subdue Stormer if necessary. Scorch follow the duo battle it out and scanned Furno for his plans. The rookie and the pro stopped on the building and Furno was nearly killed by Stormer if Scorch didn't use a laser to make Stormer keep the insanity at bay. This stopped Stormer and rendered him unconscious. Scorch went back to the base of the Hero Recon Team and gave the plans of Furno to Fortis and Mr.Makuro.

Tanker Station 22

Follow the Von Nebula ordeal,Alpha 1 was sent to Tanker Station 22 to bring in the Fire Villains into custody. Scorch, once again was assigned to watch the two teams duel.Scorch was about to step into the battle until Furno was nearing his position.Realizing that he is compromised,he turned on his cloaking systems and went down onto the battlefield.He then retreated to behind a large shipment of fuel upon realizing that the Alpha 1 are leaving.Scorch then nearly gave away his location when his multi-tool ice shield fired.

Appearance and Personality

Scorch was yellow and red in his 1.0 and 2.0 form. While being part of the Hero Recon Team, his 2.0 paint job and helmet were changed. The colors for his 2.0 Hero Recon Team armor were chrome and red. Same thing for his 3.0 Hero Recon Team armor.

Scorch is a calm,cool-headed hero to rookies. He is a hardworking robot who will do anything (except sacrificing others) to bring peace to the galaxy.


Stormer: "You know, I feel really bad replacing Thresher."
Scorch: "Don't sweat it kid. You're the new Pro of Hero Factory."
―Stormer and Scorch, 5 Years After the Mission on the Swamp Planet
Scorch: "How did he get injured??"
Stormer: "He took a shot from the Drone. Von Ness escaped in the Drop Ship while I hot-wired the Drone's circuits."
―Scorch and Preston Stormer Discussing the Injury of Thresher