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Rage (Formerly), Overlord


Daggers, Blades




Planet 107

"You think you can beat me that easily, Hero? Think again!"
―Blitzer [src]

Blitzer is a cunning Villain under the command of the evil Overlord. 


Blitzer is a quick little character who has plagued Planetoid 465 for the last eon. While he is a little on the mad side, he will do anything for money.

Covert-Ops Recon Force

Blitzer once worked for Rage. He led the Sneakers against James Black and Gene. The fight was short, and ended with Gene grabbing the Sneaker's remote from Blitzer's hand. Blitzer returned to Rage and reported the news. Blitzer then was seen flying away to an unknown destination.

Rise of Overlord

Blitzer was being tracked by both Maedria Black and Delta Team. He attacked Delta Team's shuttle, causing it to crash. When he returned to his hideout, Blitzer found Maedria walking down the halls. He captured her and put her in a holding cell. Blitzer was waiting for Heroes at the end of a pipe, and he engaged them, only to be forced to activate his hideout's self-destruct sequence. He then trapped the Heroes in the same holding cell as Maedria before flying off. 

He arrived on Planet 107 and met with Overlord, who ordered him to attack the S.W.A.T. Team command center. Blitzer did as he was told and totally destroyed the command center. He returned to Overlord, and fought beside him during the Heroes' assault on Overlord's fortress.

Equipment and Personality

Blitzer wields twin daggers and twin Blades. Many Heroes will testify to the sharpness of the blades and the sting of the daggers. His jet packs allow him to move at extreme speeds. Blitzer is slightly on the mad side, but he is very intelligent.



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