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Boot Camp
Setting Hero Factory
Date Three years after Alpha team was around

Boot Camp is a story written by Mr.invisable. It is about four rookie heroes trying to stop a villain called Braig.


Akiyama Makuro was giving a tour to the four rookies Rook, Wolf, Sheila and Handle. Makuro was showing the heroes what it would be like on their future missions. When they got to the Ship hanger, a character came to the rookies with his weapons. The person said to the Rookies

"Do you know where the old coot is," Rook Said "What old coot?" the person said after that

"Makuro whatever his name is, I'm Braig and you see I made a deal with him, but he forgot his end of the bargain, so you see it looks like I have to force him to give it to me!" then Braig went off to search for Makuro. Sheila said "We have to warn Mr.Makuro!"

then the rookies went to find Makuro and stop Braig. When they got to the assembly tower they saw Braig with Makuro. Braig said to Makuro "Where is it old coot?" after the rookies came in, Braig decided to have fun with them, After the fight was over Braig disappeared and Wolf said "Where's Mr. Makuro?" then the rookies went off to find Makuro. When the rookies went to the roof top they saw Braig with Makuro then Braig said

"Well, it looks like the kiddies want to save the old coot!" then Handle said "Bring him back hear, you... villain!" Then Braig said "You think of me as a villain? As if, hero." and then Braig attacked and they fighted. When Braig lost he said "You know, I keep forgetting to not mess with heroes, but you know what, that just means I made the right choice!" then Braig went off. After that Makuro said to the rookies "You did good work today heroes, in fact you might even be another hero team at the hero factory, but you will need a team leader." "I vote for Rook!" Handle said then Sheila and Wolf said "Hear, hear." then Makuro said "Very well Team Rook, this is the first step of your journey." when the heroes left Braig came back and said "You think those kiddies might become heroes? Because I might have to be on their team then, same time next year old coot." then Makuro said "It depends if you might be retiring or not."

The end.



  • This is one of the shortest stories on this Wiki.