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Brad Pit is a hero decked out with multiple weapons


Brad Pit has your average hero past, being constructed in the Assembly Tower,training ect. But one mission would make a dark turn for the worst... He and his team were sent to deal with a bunch of brain monsters but they encountered the worst thing a hero could ever find...A dark entity of pure chaos,which used shadow spikes to attempt to control Pit. It didn't work but a new personality emerged within him,attempting to take over Pit's body. It didn't fully control him but he was prone to switching at the worst time. The two were split into 2 beings, Brad Pit and Dark Pit.


Pit is your average hero,cheerful,energetic but loyal to the leader of the team. His dark side before switching was serious but cheerless.


While pit uses a lot of equipment here are the classes:

Twin Blades/Bow:This type is the best in range of accuracy but not the most damaging projectile. The bow is composed of two blades and can be switched into them

Claws:A quick solution if Pit's blades break, Best at attack speed but not at melee damage and accuracy

Arm:These weapons take up the entire forearm but do massive melee damage and are the most adaptable

Palms:These are Pit's most feared projectiles,they are not the best at base damage but they have many side effects

Cannons:These are slow to fire but deal hefty blows but can't home in on their targets

Orbitars: These floating shields may look like exclusive defense, they can fire shots too



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