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Brain Factory

Produce Brains


Currently being repurposed to produce villains



The Brain Factory is a factory designed by the Mysterious Villain to produce brains.


Following his apprehension of the blueprints for the Hero Factory tower, the Mysterious Villain immediately set about the creation of his own factories to generate villains. The first in this process was the Brain Factory, a powerful, dark tower dwarfing Makuro's own in size.

In order to test this new facility, the Villain set about designing Brains, a vicious parasite that could conquer the mind once attached. In order to test these, he launched them at a nearby planet where the brains enslaved the population, yielding him an army. The success of this attack satisfied him and he halted the production of brains.

Following the Brain Attack, just before the Heroes could learn the purpose of the brain factory, the Mysterious Villain reached out to the creatures that dwelt below Makuhero City with instructions to distract Hero Factory immediately, lest the location be discovered.

Following this and upon seeing the efficiency of the factory, the Mysterious Villain set about the repurposing of the factory to produce villains in preparation for an all-out assault on Makuhero City.


The Brain Factory is a factory based on that of the Hero Factory, except to design villains instead of heroes. The creation of Brains was merely a test of its capacities. Now that that test is over, the Mysterious Villain is in the process of re-designating it.

Unlike the Hero Factory, however, the Brain Factory is located not above-ground like Hero Factory, but below the surface of its residential asteroid. This allows it to evade the notice of interstellar travelers and the notice of the Great Beings.

Current Inhabitants

  • Mysterious Villain
  • Some remaining Brains
  • Incomplete Villains


  • The Mysterious Villain is currently in the process of repurposing the Brain Factory to produce villains instead of Brains. It is unknown how long this will take, but it it believed that once this process is done, the Brain Factory will be rechristened the "Villain Factory".