Brandex is a mad scientist and a phantom that hates the Hero Factory and their Heroes.


Brandex was one of the best scientific minds in Makuhero City, having accomplished the greatest breakthroughs of technology and medicine, being praised by his work (in fact some believes he created time travel once).

However one of his assistants kept talking about certon things he watched or played witch drove Brandex mad and gave up on his scientific work. He later felt like the hero factory was being unfair to people, watching them arresting the Ordeal of Fire. So he thought of imploding the Hero Factory with a Dark Matter Implosion Generator, however that backfired and Brandex was never seen again.

Brandex later lost or can no longer control what was left of his limbs, he was being upgraded with his old cybernetics by his former assistants and began his assault on Makuhero City once again. The hero Factory found him a problem because of this and sent out a hero to defeat him. this tern of events left both of them completely scared, Brandex however found a way to become the hero he thought creating Puzzle-Brandex.

Puzzle-Brandex started to experiment with Quaza Stones, making them into a darker form of power. Trying to create his own warriors to fight the hero factory but failed.

Over the years Puzzle-Brandex was falling a part making only what's left the spirit of Brandex. It is now only a matter of time before the ghost of Brandex will find a way to destroy the Hero Factory.



Not much of Brandex was a fighter in those days, but his mind always got the better of him.



advanced with his old robotic abilities, Brandex became stronger and faster to deal with.


after his defeat with Keven Puzzle, Brandex became a ghost, even possessing puzzle. he also has the abilities to phase through walls and started using people he meet as puppets.


Strength: 18
Agility: 72
Toughness: 19
Mind: 99

See Also


  • Brandex, despite becoming a ghost, does not believe in them.
  • It is unknown why his former assisstents helped Brandex.

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