This is the article relating to the first (2012) Custom Hero Factory Halloween Contest.


From left to right: Lord Corpus, Max Flare, Darkflame and Bill Ness.

All entries were due by 12:00 PM on October 7th!


  1. You may enter either a Hero, a Villain, a vehicle, or a creature. However, you are allowed to enter a maximum of two of these four choices. Ultimately, if you win the contest, no more then one of your entries have the possibility of being selected.
  2. I would suggest that the colors of the MoCs mainly range from orange, yellow, black and red. Any of these colors would work nicely - but it is your MoC, as I am not to finalize your decision.
  3. Your MoC can be any size and must also posess an article. The article must be neat and shouldn't be a stub. This means that the sections that it should have are its History, Tools and an Infobox, as well as a Trivia section if you wish. To enter, you must have an account.


Lord Corpus, built by 21bub21

Arachnophobia , built by Deltrax7

Wolferien Beast, built by Bionic-Force Factory

Slurtik, built by OonieCacola

Darkflame, built by Darkblade9

Max Flare 3.0, built by DeltaStriker

Bill Ness, built by Bane7

Drake Ethro, built by OonieCacola

NR-Shadow cycle, built by Bionic-Force Factory

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