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"No! For the last time, I am not a girl. Girls generally do not go running around toting chainguns, nor do they have as many muscles as I do. "
―Caine Tungsten, addressing his Natalie lookalike helmet

You may be looking for Caine's more recent, Irradiated form.

Caine Tungsten
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Caine Tungsten (pronounced KANE) was one of the lead prison guards in Infernum. After the prison's destruction, he was granted a Veteran status for "dealing with intense physical hardship in unlikely circumstances" and became a team leader. He has since then been at the forefront in repelling the Brains. Over the years of his service, he has braved mutations, gods, and even the predations of one of his own teammates.


Before the Brain Attack

Caine Tungsten was not created in the Assembly Tower. He was created as a 1.0 Hero. When he was promoted, he was upgraded straight to his Breakout form.

He came to be inside Infernum. Caine is most likely a combination of organic material from dead organisms, and mechanical parts from robots that were once inside Infernum.

He was a prison guard until the collapse of Infernum occurred. A trio of certain Cyber Heroes came into the prison, wreaked untold havoc, and the entire prison shut down. Caine was immediately shunted back to Makuhero City to be refitted with a Brain Attack upgrade.

Ever since his re-assignment, word has spread of the half-unbelievable adventures of Caine and three over-the-top heroes in a sentient prison. (Yes, Infernum was a living prison. I'm not writing it anymore, so you guys might as well know.)

Now, Caine has been entrusted with heading a powerful, albeit inexperienced team, and he has donw a fine job of it.

After the Brain Attack

Many years passed after the Brain Attack, with numerous other events occuring. Caine has led his team through it all, and the Tau-4 is now one of the oldest teams still in full service. 

However, it seems that a new threat is brewing.

And, this time, one one will survive, and god himself stands in the way of victory.

Caine's story, along with the rest of the Tau-4's, continues in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

  • “Havoc” Mk-IV nuclear-powered chaingun: Caine’s main weapon in his current arsenal. Fed directly by chain, but has a completely flush feed, so there is a less than 0.02% of jamming. All the bullets are then rapidly slotted into the chamber, and then fired at a muzzle velocity of nearly 1075 m/s. Each bullet is also irradiated with W-185, a radioisotope of tungsten with a half-life of about 75 days. The heat generated by firing the bullets, however, allows the W-185 to react into W-162, a much more unstable isotope, with a half-life of just over a second. (The more the gun is used, there is also a build –up of helium due to the reaction) This, of course, is just the right amount of time for the bullets to pierce some other dude’s flesh. The cartridge is changed every 30 days, even though the initial radioisotope of W-185 has 75 days to decay.
  • Phase lance: Caine uses this weapon primarily while riding his terraincycle. His resemblance to Middle Age calvaryman (horse and spear) with his terraincycle and phase lance has earned him the nickname “The Modern Knight”. The phase lance was inspired with Caine’s (mis)adventures with Thorn Vulnetrix. Like her shotgun, Caine’s phase lance uses a low-frequency vibration to literally shake targets apart at the molecular level.
  • Terraincycle: Originally an ordinary motorcycle, based off of the Furno Bike. Caine turned his nose up at it, and (politely) borrowed Breez’s shield and made a copy. This shield was then used to replace the front wheel, and several small caterpillar tracks were used for the back wheel. The result was a terraincycle filled with swag and badassery. (and side-mounted plasma cannons)
  • Wing rig: Like all of the Tau-4 members, Caine was equipped with a flying apparatus. The three propellers are used not to propel, but only to hover. What powers this wing rig are the two hex-energy shields. The more energy Caine feeds to the hex-energy shields/wings, the faster he can go.
  • The Investigator Log: Reflects how he is the Leader of the Tau-4. It is able to provide information of any criminal act that will be done in the relatively near future, as long as it is done by a criminal, and Caine has discovered this criminal. More info can be found here.


Caine is a no-nonsense kind of guy when it comes to crime-fighting, but a total goofball when it comes to training and when off duty. (To be honest, this goofball attitude is shared by much of the Tau-4 when training. After all, they are the best and brightest.)

Caine is the kind of guy who takes any order, and is willing to give it all to see it done right. He stops at absolutely nothing. (He doesn't really need to stop. His terraincycle and chaingun have seen to that.)

Lastly, Caine is nice guy one you know him, though he is a bit stoic if you're not used to him, and especially if you encounter him while he's on duty. Caine rarely gets angry, usually prefering to get even, rather than mad. The only time he truly gets pissed off is if he gets mistakenly called a girl. He knows it is because of his helmet's resemblance's to Breez's, but honestly. (It's all cool between Tungsten and Breez. They be bro and sis.) 

Tournament Standings

Prior to his mutation, Caine would routinely place third or fourth in the Tau-4 Monthly Tournaments.

  • Caine is very balanced, and is equipped with both melee and ranged weapons.
  • He has one of the thickest Carapace Suits on the team, allowing to take in a lot of hits.
  • Finally, at middling range, Caine surpasses all of his team members. His chaingun is perfect for laying down heavy suppressing fire.

After his mutation, Caine is not allowed to compete, for fairness' sake. However, he does take part in the year-end Tournaments.

  • Caine has always placed third in the year-end Battle Royale.
  • His sheer size and strength sweep away his ordinary-sized team members, even Atlas.
  • However, when it comes to his two worthy oppenents, the "Mary"-Xaedan combo, and the Karin-Thornton combo, Caine is slightly outmatched by both of them.
  • "Mary" and Xaedan are able to defeat Caine regularly, if not easily, due to "Mary" incredible speed and fiery power at close range, and Xaedan's powerful mortar cannons. The two of them perfectly compensate for each other.
  • When it comes to Karin and Thornton, it's easy to see why Caine loses. The Dreadnaught is even larger than Caine! Though Caine is more nimble, nobody can withstand the immense power of a 20-ton metal giant.


Caine's stats at 1.0. Maximum value is 10.

Strength: 7
Agility: 6
Toughness: 9
Mind: 8

Caine's stats at Breakout. Maximum value is 12.

Strength: 9
Agility: 9
Toughness: 11
Mind: 10

Caine's stats at Brain Attack. Maximum value is 12.

Strength: 10
Agility: 9
Toughness: 12
Mind: 10


Picture Form Description
Ct 1 Tungsten's original form Caine Tungsten, fresh out of the Assembly Tower. Tungsten upgraded himself greatly as time went on, adding on to his 1.0 form. He was able to implement an "Albatross" pattern jetpack, as well a wrist-mounted energy blade.
Tm2 Tungsten's Breakout form Caine Tungsten skipped the 2.0 and 3.0 forms, going straight to the Breakout upgrade. He was armoured with a special armour configuration which decreased mobility but greatly enhanced his endurance. He was also issued an energy whip, hex energy shield, twin Bio-uzis, and a plasma cannon.
BA Caine (3) Tungsten's Brain Attack form Caine Tungsten received a unique Brain Attack upgrade. Equipped with a hex energy wing rig and a chaingun, Tungsten is able to lend air support as well as contribute a formidable presence on the ground.
Caine done Tungsten's XL form Caine's XL form is more of an XXL form. Not used before, Tungsten's XL suit will only ever be used in times of great emergencies. It is armed with a wristed-mounted missile launcher, and a missileblade.


  • There was no paint used on this MoC. I had to use...nail polish...-.-"Luckily, I had loads of painting experience, cuz nail polish is STICKY.
  • Caine was a CUUSOO project. 
  • Caine was once the Featured Creation, and the Featured Article.


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