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Caine Tungsten (Irradiation Form)
Cainev4 (1)
Ranged Weaponry None
Melee Weaponry Ectoplasmic claw, power claw
Guns Arm-mounted chaingun, arm-mounted ectoplasmic meteor blaster
General Information
Affiliation Hero Factory
Color(s) Green, gunmetal, silver, black, gray
Current Status Alive, active, mutated
Location Hero Factory
Misc. Information
Alias(es) "The Fifth"
Other Equipment Quaza spikes, iron slab mask, The Investigator Log
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After a horrific accident involving Quaza Spikes and a large amount of radioactive residue, Caine Tungsten was warped beyond recognition.

The Incident & History

During a particularly sensitive mission to an abandoned nuclear plant, something, or perhaps someone, triggered a small leakage in the inner workings of the plant. (For the record, it was Karaleinne Cerebrum, though this is not known.)

The entire Tau-4 team, save for Karin's Dreadnaught, was in the buliding during this incident. Caine, Dustin and Vyander, being the senior heores, hung a little while back to clear the way for a swift evacuation.

Caine was the last to leave, and as such, suffered a much greater dose of radiation. But, of course, being robotic beings, nobody gave a second thought about the radiation. A quick anti-rad foam spray, and the Tau-4 was as good as new.

This was not the case for Caine. During the confusion of the evacuation, Karaleinne planted a single infected quaza seed on Caine. Her intents are not clear, and nobody ever found out it was her doing. In any case, the shock of the quaza seed suddenly sprouting not one, but four spikes and the radiation, which could not be completely neutralized by the foam due it's high dosage, was enough cause Caine to suffer what is now know as Infernum's curse.

Shortly afterwards, Caine went on a small rampage, before (mostly) regaining control over himself. He is still subject to odd mood swings and frustration.

Caine then immediately went to his teammates. He told them that he was no longer fit to lead them. Dustin would take his place, and Vyander would be Deputy. Much to his surprise, Vyander and Kaylenna both threatened to quit if Caine did. Moya also objected very strongly, saying that Caine would still be a Hero, no matter what he looked like. 

Caine remains the leader of Tau-4, though Dustin now plays a much larger role in leading the team.

The Curse

Infernum's Curse is a unique condition. Only Caine has been known to suffer from it. The only other potential victims are the three Cyber Heroes who also entered Infernum and escaped in one piece.

However, Caine not only entered Infernum, but was made there. This may also be a contributing factor to his current monstrous condition. The Prison most likely used several volatile components during Caine's creation.

One activated, the Curse swells the victim to many times his or her original size, while altering his anatomy. One could think of this as a very rapid mutation of some sort. This "mutation" happened while he was in his sleeping pod, and took only a couple of minutes to complete.

During Caine's transformation, several mechanical parts were permanently fused to his body, his chaingun being the prime example. There is currently to known cure for Infernum's Curse. In fact, there may not be a cure, as this condition is no disease or mechanical issue.


Arm-mounted chaingun: The original chaingun carried by Caine while still an ordinary Hero. Now, he has the ability to "phase" this gun in and out of battle. That is, he can basically materialize it if he needs it, and will if away when he doesn't. Rarely does Caine phase his chaingun in anymore. He relies on his claws.

Ectoplasmic claw: One of Caine's new weapons gained through his mutation. This is a purely biological weapon. It seems to be a part of Caine, and acts as his hand. Specifications aside, the claw is forever sharp, and constantly secrets some sort of ooze, hence the name "ectoplasmic". The claw is many times more harder than diamond. Hero Factory engineers are trying to crack the mystery of Caine's ectoplasmic claw, but it has been... difficult to restrain Caine for more than fifteen minutes at a time.

Power claw: Think of this as a pointer version of the power fist. Caine uses his new power claw in conjunction with his ectoplasmic claw to become a veritable monster at close combat. Like his other claw, the power claw seems to be part of him, like a hand.

Arm-mounted ectoplasmic meteor blaster: Spits out bolts of the same ood ooze that comes out of Caine's ectoplasmic claw. Can fold in or out. 

Iron Slab mask: Though of no use, technically speaking, Caine wears this mask at all times to hide his disfigured face. 

Quaza Seed: The reason why Caine is as he is. It seems pernamently stuck on Caine. Perhaps if it could be removed, Caine's fits of rage might cease...


Deep down, Caine is still the same guy. More or less easy-going, an excellent role model, and, when it comes to business, very serious.

His spontaneous fits of rage are completely caused by his mutation, and there is little he can do to control it. During these fits, his teammates know to run, while Caine either settles down, or has finished venting his anger at whatever else seems to be nearby and is breathing. (More often than not, his teammates time their escape so perfectly, that Caine KO's every last foe, and then calms down.) In a way, his mutation has granted Caine certain advantages.

However, he has partially stepped down as head honcho of the Tau-4. No matter how good of a Hero he is, a Leader must be level-headed at all times. As such, Caine is still the Leader of the team, but he now relies mush more on Dustin and Vyander now.


Caine's stats in his Irradiated Form. Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 21
Agility: 20
Toughness: 23
Mind: 10

Note that his mental capacity has not increased from his Brain Attack form.


  • Caine's back. Note the Quaza Seed and Spikes Karaleinne planted.
  • Right arm.
  • Legs.
  • Shoulder/Torso. Note the mass of tubes that I spent hours attaching.
  • Abdomen. The skulls look cool, do they not?
  • Left arm. As with the right claw, this hand is 100% flexible.
  • Height comparison. Obviously, Caine is now a giant.
  • Brighter version.


  • This MOC is Bub's self-MOC.
  • This MOC took about 10 hours to make.
  • Yes, the eyes were painted. With nail polish. :P
  • This MOC features custom legs, lower torso, and arms. HOWEVER... I used the Piraka body piece!
  • The Iron Slab mask was inspired from Tricky from Madness Combat.

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