"Get out, or you will die!"
Calamus second version



Shield of Absorption



Calamus was a criminal hated by his people. Later, he was imprisoned in the deep waters of Aquatrus.


Calamus was a big-time criminal. He was known to have killed whole hero teams. Calamus once eliminated the whole population of a city as well. He, along with Sonex, was sentenced by his people to banishment on Aquatrus where the two villains resided for 100 years. After having been convicted, Calamus schemed and plotted to rise up.

Abilities and Traits

Calamus is very selfish. He has no respect to others lives, and he hates all his people. Calamus has red armor with orange details. He can absorb energy with his body or his weapon, then use it against his enemies, that is unless he can't control the energy.

Weapons and Tools

Calamus is equipped with a Shield of Absorption his weapon can resist any energies like fire or light, it can only be broken by solid objects.


  • Calamus is called "Creature", like Sonex and Darkein.

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