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BtD27 Caliga






President Caliga is the first President of Denaria 7. She is both the first politician and the first female to hold the title.


Early Life

Similarly all other sentient organic individuals, Caliga was born to a pair of organic parents, residing on Denaria 7.

Throughout her early life, Caliga was something of a late developing child, though she bloomed at her adolescence and became focused on her life's ambition of becoming a lawyer. However, her career direction later veered towards politics and she was able to build her reputation up to become a well-respected politician and a stateswoman.


27 years from the present, Caliga entered the Presidency campaign and was able to amass a considerable degree of support for herself due to her oratory skills and her sense of global unity. Able to facilitate a golden age of planetary peace through her campaign, Caliga won the election by a landslide majority and became the first President of Denaria 7.

Hero Factory

However, roughly a month ago, an attempt was made on Caliga's life, prompting her to appeal to the Hero Factory for protection. The remains of the Delta 4 hero team were dispatched to Denaria 7 to act as her personal bodyguards.


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