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Calorax Birds
Natural tools Talons, beak
Status Extinct
Location Quatros
Calorax Birds are a now-extinct species of bird from the world of Quatros.


These creatures are only know from fossils, discovered during early Quaza mining operations. The dating of surrounding Quaza deposits revealed that these creatures were alive early in this planet's history (of multicellar life), around six hundred and fourty-three million years ago. Several more of these were discovered in other areas, confirming that their total span of existence was from six hundred seventy-six to five hundred and ninety-three million years ago.


Strength: 15
Agility: 14
Toughness: 10
Mind: 8

Abilities and traits


These creatures, as they were discovered fossilized, are not well known to science. However, there are been two exceptionally well preserved specimens, that have revealed that these creatures had brightly patterned yellow-and-red feathers on their wings, presumably to attract mates. Large claws on the wings of these creatures are presumed to have been used to grab prey, a theory their primitive and small feet further confirm. The skulls of these creatures have been found to be remarkably sturdy, with large spots for jaw muscles to attach, which, in combination with their large beaks, suggest that they either (or both) ate shellfish and similar creatures during periods of food scarcity or that their beaks were a primary weapon for attack and defense.

Other notes

Some strange specimens have been found near half-molten rock, which seems to have been there while the creatures were alive, yet the rock strata shows no other signs of their having been volcanic activity in the area and the strata isn't even igneous.