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"Did anybody order, THIS!"
―Cass Hunter
3.0 Form
IMG 0126-1-
Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors Blue, Red
Team Unknown
Location Makuhero City
Status Alive

Cass Hunter used to be a member of FoxTron 7 Team a long time ago.



Like all other Heroes, Hunter was created in the assembly tower in Makuhero City. Cass is now helping Peter Nelson at Hero Factory. Nelson is a new rookie, with a tough attitude.

Mission to Zakheav

Cass was sent to Zakheav to rescue three rookies. He was the only one to return, the others left behind.


Hunter has a lax and calm personality. He manages to remain collected and cool in bad situations. If his team finds overwhelmed rookies or civilians it is Hunter's job to keep them calm.


  • Cass is based off of someone NgoRocktoro knows.