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"I kill for enjoyment, not as a career, so wtah or back" Cerebral to Dragon Slayer

Cerebral was a hero who turned mad after his CPU was infected by an alien, he was imprisoned but escaped, but not after killing 6 guards with one of his knives smuggled in by Zack Reptileia, his best friend. Later while Zack was making a special arm cannon for Cerebral, Cerebral had devised a plan to break into Hero Factory so he sent in Two of his minions, armed with lighting guns, unfortunately plans went awry when One of them aimed wrong and hit Zach. Cerebral said not to TOUCH Zack, so when they got back Cerebral killed The minion with his knife. Cerebral found out that Zach had been driven mad, and improsined , so he broke him out. Zach then killed Dragon Bolt and took the name Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayer then found Cerebral.

"Look at me this is your fault, you let this happen to me"

"Hahahahaha, look at YOU Jack look at me I've got an alien stuck on my head"

"I'll oil you"

"No we must work together, I as your assassin, but I'll need a team"

"And you'll have one"

And with that Dragon Slayer left for the forges, and Cerebral took the name Cerebral Assassin.

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