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Bronze Weapons Guard



Hulking Chain Blades




Cavern of the Golden Weapons


Chain is the third keeper of the bronze weapons. He was cursed into the job because of his horrible deeds he did to many of his students when they disobeyed him. Instead of most that put him in chains, Chain actually has two mammoth sized blades on his whips made of chains. Chain can combine them in many different ways. Chain can also wield the blades as swords. He grew in size multiple fold and was given armor. It is still unknown to this date who made him guard the chains and what the punishment is. Everyone who came to battle him failed and was beheaded within seconds.

Vridle's Task

He is the third guard and was defeated by Vridle. He may make another appearance in the story.

Weapons and Traits

Chain has two gigantic blades on the ends of his chain that he uses as a whip. The blades are used to cut through opponents and rocks to intimidate. He also can use the blades as swords by attaching the handle on the end of his chains to his hands. Chain can combine the chains (ugh that was an awkward sentence) into a long chain with both blades at the end facing opposite directions. One of the blades can spin around in this state thus creating a chomping weapon.


  • His weapons were another Jack Stone thing with Kratos.