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Natural tools Exceptional Strength
Status Thriving
Location Cheran sector


The Cherak had a history of thriving constantly, learning more and more and very slowly expanding the Cheran sector. Eventually, they ran into the Natov of the Natovi sector, who were expanding at a far faster rate. The Natov feared the Cherak's superior technology, and the Cherak were not eager for war, so both sought to avoid it and expand elsewhere, both working hard to ensure that the other was not offended.

Due to trading with the Cherak, the Natov finally decided that they had powerful enough technology to go to war with the Cherak and expand. It lasted over two years, but with the help of Hero Factory, the Cherak won. Since then, the Cherak have been rebuilding, and helping other groups effected by the war.



Small, four to five foot tall humanoids. They are somewhat hairy(but not excessively) with slightly wide bodies, as if somebody had squished them down in size. They have reddish skin, and also look quite muscular.

Physical Prowess

Cherak are quite durable and strong, their lack of height being made up for by their sheer power. Due to their somewhat short limbs, they are far less capable of acrobatic feats then many other races are, but as they see acrobatics as simply showing off and nothing tangibly useful, they don't really care.

They have little skill in close combat when compared to the brutal Natov and the Heroes of Hero Factory, and although the professional soldiers train in a form of boxing, they simply prefer to avoid close combat, knowing others are better.


The Cherak, unlike their neighbors the Natov, enjoy many different things of society, and only expand legally, or stay in the gray area between legal and illegal. They are quite skilled builders, and as they now have the technology can create mighty ships, powerful weapons and amazing suits of armor to defend their soldiers with. The pleasantries they usually enjoy are boxing matches, forging and creating something, and music, especially when mixed with the sounds of making something, as they think it is the sound of productivity.

They have abandoned other aspects of their culture, most involving biological things, choosing to use the resources of nature but not admire it. A few other races, the Verusians above all else, believe this to be a mistake.


  • The Cherak could be considered futuristic and less hairy dwarves(no big beards), although this was not intended.
  • The idea for the Cherak race originated from an RP Argh did, which was never finished. He decided to adapt one or two of those aspects into his HF storyline, those two being the Natov and Cherak.