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Chris Mace






Chris Mace is a novice member of Hero Factory's Halix-4 team.


Chris was created in the Assembly Tower like most heroes. He was trained by Steven Saber on the Hero Squad, then moved onto the newly formed Halix-4 Team. Joining teammates like Hal Daze and Dak Frostbite, he went on many adventures throughout the galaxy. His most notable feat was when he secured a failing power plant, saving his two comrades in the process.

Brain Attack

When the brain-infected monsters attacked the city, Chris was the only member of his team present at the time. He was said to have taken on a horde of Ogrum in the southern district. It is rumored that Mace's triumph was fueled by his hatered for the copying of his ball and chain mace weapon design.

Abilities and Traits

Chris is quite well-rounded in both mental and physical skills. He can (and has) whip up a strategic plan in numerous dire situations. Most surprising to others, Mace is the second in command of the Halix-4 Team after Hal Daze.


Like the other members of the Halix-4 Team, Chris's armor is super resistant to extremely cold climates. Despite the exclusive ability, Chris hates the fact that he is fully vulnerable when it comes to extreme heat conditions. His armor colors include black and red, with minimal hints of green from his core and cannon.


Chris carries a ball and chain mace, chosen specially to fit his name. He also has a plasma cannon attached to his back, giving him full utilization of both hands.


  • Chris was made especially for his mace
  • Chris was originally planned to be a candidate for the CHFW Christmas contest
  • In addition, his name is a play on Christmas