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Clair Thunder
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Clair Thunder is the Long Range Comm Expert that is often assigned with the rookies


Clair is one,if not the oldest member of Sonic Team,with a long history behind her


This period of her life is unknown but most of it consists of being a solo hero behind the scenes,until a fateful encounter with Maurice Sonic. It was at this time Staticfire was built,who was trained by Clair herself and he rose to Second in Command


Shortly after a few missions,the Upgrade/2.0 came around and Clair was upgraded,she set of to Fuel Station 368 with Sonic Team and encountered Fire Villan Jetbug trying to take fuel to power up,Maurice used his blades to tackle Jetbug off the fuel while the rest of the team prepared to open fire,Failing as Jetbug flew off,But not before Clair was able to place a tracking device on him...

Savage Planet

During the Savage Planet Crisis,Unfortunatly,the rest of the team were under statis for repair as the crisis happened,So Clair had to face the crisis on her own,Which unfortunatly didn't end well and she needed severe repair


During the mass breakout Clair was sent out late-crisis due to repairs to find and capture Thunderbolt,A rogue hero that uses electric based attacks,A long and furious fight of Thunder VS Thunder occoured,with Thunderbolt being defeated and cuffed

Brain Attack



Clair is carefree,caring and has slow reflexes but packs a bigger punch,and hates villans

Get on her bad side and its a whole other story,She gets shouty and causes arguments as well as a bonk on the head with a lightning blade


She is Light Silver,Light Royal Blue,Yellow and Dark Brown


Clair uses 2 Thunder Blasters


―Clair Thunder