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Commando redone
Status Active
Colours Black, Grey, Silver. Chrome, Lime
Ranged Weaponry/Guns Wrist-mounted missile launcher
Melee Weaponry Promethium greatsword, claw
Other equipment Wings
Role The Leader

Commando is the leader of the Syndicate, and arguably the most hardened criminal of the bunch.


A Bastian native, he was one of the very few who made it off the planet without the help of Hero Factory when the planet was destroyed. 

While living on Bastian, he did what most people usually did: some drug running, a little but of smuggling here and there, but nothing very big. Commando soon caught wind of rumours about a new criminal. A criminal beyond compare: [Silverjaw]. Some people said he would crush all who opposed him, and would welcome anyone who wanted to work for him. Others, however, said that he would crush the people who opposed him AND those who wanted to work for him, and then fly away. Commando clearly thought the first theory was trash, and immediately punched a customs officer when it really, really hurts, stole a small cargo ship, and got the heck out of there.

Since then, Commando has been to Pentafrax 7-4, the Wolf Nebula, Kollix IV, Scylla, and many more planets besides, recruiting for a new organization: a Syndicate of the finest Villains in the galaxy.

Notable Weapons and Abilities

  • Promethium greatsword: A massive blade made of the finest promethium. Commando is able to wield it with a single hand, despite it's immense weight. That's over thirteen pounds. Imagine thirteen pounds of dense, unforgiving metal in your face.
  • Wings: Crafted out of a lightweight alloy containing promethium, nano-steel, and a little diamante. Can be used to hover, and glide. In addition, they can be used for fast flying, but only for a short time.

Commando is also a master at combatives. He knows, to a certain extent, several martial arts, but he prefers clean, straight-up fighting, rather than to flip and flop with mid-air spinning kicks and the like. 

Commando is very knowledgeable with information technology, firearms, and can pilot most land and air vehicles. Surprisingly, however, he has never tried to steer a ship before.


Commando is more of the silent and strong type. Though he may be the leader, he often dislikes working with too many members at once. More often than not, he will take on solo missions, or only take Renegade and Scarab along with him.

Despite this, the other members respect him and do realize that his untrustworthiness and stoicism is what has kept the group out of jail.


Maximum value of 15.

Strength: 13
Agility: 11
Toughness: 14
Mind: 13