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Core Hunter
Core Hunter

Hero Factory (Formerly), Legion of Darkness (Formerly)


Hero Core Remover, Claws, Plasma Blaster




Makuhero City

" I could kill you right now. But where's the fun in that?"
―Core Hunter [src]

Core Hunter is a former Hero turned galactic mercenary, known for callously targeting Hero Factory operatives and collecting their cores as trophies.



Towards the end of Core Hunter's career as a Hero, he became obsessed with the Quaza Cores used by his kind. However, the end of his career was marked by his assassination of the President of the International Free Republic of Tamaran, branding him as both a villain and a traitor. He was then detained by his team and brought back to Makuhero City, where Jenny Sharp attempted to persuade him to turn himself in for decommission and to plead guilty of the assassination in order to spare his teammates the grief. Core Hunter accepted but was able to escape the Hero Factory before his deactivation and become a criminal.

The Vengeance Attack

The Core Hunter fled the Hero Factory Prison Center during the Breakout and headed to Makuhero City. There, he is a trustworthy ally of the Black Phantom. He will aid him in plotting and committing much of the destruction of the city. A devastating event that has already occurred is the collapse of the three bridges leading to Makuhero City.

From the Shadows

After the Breakout, Core Hunter chose to remain in Makuhero City. After murdering a hero who had not been assigned to track a villain, Core Hunter retreated to an old factory to wait for prey. He did not have to wait long before Fred Swift entered the ruin.

Core Hunter played with Swift, brutally torturing him until he died. Soon after this, Kirk Thresher and Sandra Flash arrived. The battle that followed was fierce, and both sides sustained injuries. The skirmish ended with Core Hunter stabbing Flash through the torso multiple times, then the villain knocked out Thresher. Core Hunter quickly left the premises.

The Doom Box

To be written...


Evo and Nex were promoted to alpha team since they were two of the best hero leaders to date. Unfortunately, Don White was a little envious but did not mind. Unfortunately, he disappeared. He came back looking for Nex and Evo. Nex and Evo were forced to battle him but when they got him down, he escaped. So, they sent Surge to fight White. It the news came and when they herd Surge failed and he became Core Hunter, Nex lost his sense of humor for a year and Evo became very impatient until he beat Toxic Reapa.


"I want a lawyer."
―Core Hunter to Jenny Sharp, Tripwire.
"So now what? Your going to tear my heart out and put it on your strap. I going to die no matter what, right? Oh yeah, you can't talk. Um, can I pray before you kill me?"
―Core Hunter about to murder Darek Magno, The Millennial Shadow.



  • Core Hunter was once a Hero, but he went rogue and became the villain he is today
  • After the events of From the Shadows, Core Hunter and Kirk Thresher became vicious rivals
  • Core Hunter rarely speaks
  • He used to be part of the legion of villains until Black Phantom betrayed them